Poolhert Productions was founded in 2015 by Ellen Pollard and Marie De Hert, heart friends with a passion, then, without an outlet. Poolhert was started out of an interest in deep human stories: small stories about great things and intimate portraits of deep emotions. Over the years, they developed their own typical visual language and style. Poolhert has an eye for unobtrusive but telling details and always puts the experience of characters at the center. The tone is always sincere, tender and laced with a light touch of humor.

Poolhert is a production house in full growth. They earned their stripes with various passion projects (documentaries - long and short and a fiction short film) that were screened at various festivals worldwide and aired on Canvas, Ketnet and VPRO. In recent years, they increasingly focused on author documentaries and also ventured into fiction.

Poolhert often works with the same creative partners: production company Studio Tropics, social strategy agency BeeKeepers, branding agency Lobster, and they are also growing in-house. Maxim Van Kerrebroeck, editor and all-round post-production manager completes the team.

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Meet the team

ELLEN POLLARDfounderdirector, cinematographer, creative editorhello@poolhert.com+32 (0) 498 25 46 21

MARIE DE HERTfounderdirector, screenwriter, creative producerhello@poolhert.com

MAXIM VAN KERREBROECKcreative editor, post-production managermaxim@poolhert.com+32 (0) 471 08 75 16

ILSE SCHOONEKNAEPcreative producerhello@poolhert.com+32 (0) 498 65 51 07