Sometimes delightfully roguish, sometimes intensely moving, this intimate portrait paints a unique mother-daughter relationship full of love, tenderness and family joy, even in the later stages of life.

Bye Mom

In Fien, Jip and Fien, a close bond between brother and sister is tested by first love.

Fien, Jip and Fien

This film documents the 100th anniversary of YWCA Antwerp, which, with 25 million members worldwide, is the largest women's organization in the world.

YWCA: Your Wife Constantly Away

Groot Familie is the story of a diverse theater group made up of low-literate people. A documentary full of friendship, inspiration, poignancy, mutual understanding and fun in difficult times.

Groot Familie

This Antwerp day center for people with intellectual disabilities has to close due to budget cuts. They prepare for their last dance performance together.

The Last Dance

We want to get to know King Philippe better, to know what lies behind the monarchy and the palace doors. We want to document his life in all its facets. We want to look up to the King, but for that we must first get to know him.

King Philippe

Bomma and Maurits tells the heartwarming story of our own director Marie's bomma, who once more found love thanks to the Internet.

Bomma and Maurits

A report on the censorship of journalism in Turkey.

The New Turkey

Labyrinth is a simple story that tells of how complicated living with psychosis feels.