Groot Familie

This film is not about a large family in the classic sense, but rather a theater family led by Stefan Perceval. The documentary follows the rehearsals of this group of unique people.
Groot Familie is an initiative of Ligo Antwerp (center for basic education Antwerp). This diverse theater group consists of low-literate people, who together share a passion for theater and therefore form a close-knit community.
Big Family is a documentary filled with friendship, inspiration, poignancy, mutual understanding and fun in difficult times.
Date of release: 2017
Poolhert Productions for Open School Antwerp
Ellen Pollard & Marie De Hert
Stig Junes & Lorenz Florizoone
Selected for Antwerp social shorts film festival.Screened at Cinema Plaza and at various screenings in culture houses.

Groot Familie

Give me more

Sometimes delightfully roguish, sometimes intensely moving, this intimate portrait paints a unique mother-daughter relationship full of love, tenderness and family joy, even in the later stages of life.

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In Fien, Jip and Fien, a close bond between brother and sister is tested by first love.

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