Fien, Jip and Fien

Jip and Fien are brother and sister, inseparable and best friends, until Jip falls in love for the first time. His sister Fien is curious, but also a little jealous. Funnily enough, Jip's girlfriend is also named Fien. Jip tries to split his attention as best he can between his two Fiens, but will he manage to keep both bonds unbroken?
Marie De Hert & Ellen Pollard
Ellen Pollard
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Fien, Jip and Fien

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Sometimes delightfully roguish, sometimes intensely moving, this intimate portrait paints a unique mother-daughter relationship full of love, tenderness and family joy, even in the later stages of life.

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This film documents the 100th anniversary of YWCA Antwerp, which, with 25 million members worldwide, is the largest women's organization in the world.

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