When they become parents for the first time, the pink cloud remains out for Nora (27) and Viggo (27) for the time being. In fact, the birth of Baby, their first child, causes many struggles and unexpected difficulties.
The brand-new parents run up against their own expectations and those of friends, parents and their environment. In a world full of perfect examples and endless well-meaning advice, Nora and Viggo try to find their way as new parents.
Watch the full first season here!
Date of release: July 2023
Poolhert Productions and VRTMAX
Marie De Hert & Stig Junes
Lorenz Florizoone & Henry Commerman


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Happy Together is a comedy about friendship and differences that seem bigger than they are.

Happy Together

Kringwinkel Antwerp's 30th anniversary gives us a unique insight into how the organization works.

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